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Ürziger Goldwingert


The Ürziger Goldwingert vineyard is less than 0.3 hectares (0.74 acres) in size and is therefore one of the smallest vineyards in Germany. The vineyard has for generations been in sole possession of the Berres family, heirs to the former Peter Nicolay Estate, which was a dowry of Ms. Helga Berres when she married Dr. Pauly

The vineyard starts at an elevation of 110 meters, nearly the same level as the Moselle River, and reaches up only 40 meters from bottom to top. Ürziger Goldwingert is bordered on three sides by high stone cliffs and faces south. Together with the surface of the Moselle River, this location creates a nearly Mediterranean microclimate.

The self-rooted Riesling vines grow on deep grey-red slate soil with a high stone content. The red color comes from oxidized red iron compounds in the soil which give this slate its German appellation "Rotliegendes" (red slate soil). Wines grown in the Ürziger Goldwingert have outstanding elegance combined with classy fruitiness and lively harmony.

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