Bernkasteler Ring

Ürziger Würzgarten


Ürziger Würzgarten is one of the most impressive vineyards in the Middle Moselle region and is one of two vineyard sites in Ürzig. One hectare is owned by the former Peter Nicolay Estate, at that time located in Ürzig, and representing the largest vineyard in that estate.

The red-colored slopes are planted with vines up to an elevation of 320 meters above sea level. The vineyard faces south-southeast and the terroir shows strong influence from the volcanic "Eifel", which makes it unique in the Moselle region.

The soil is a mixture of red slate and sandstone which provides a reservoir for heat storage and also produces diversified mineral content.

Grapes grown here from self-rooted Riesling vines annually produce great wines with exotically spicy aromas that find no equal anywhere for their kind.
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