Bernkasteler Ring

The Vinyards

Today  the vineyards of PETER NICOLAY are on the best side of the Middle Moselle:

Erdener Prälat

This very small vineyard, located down by the River around the bend from Zeltingen, is the source of excellent, piquant wines. The reflection of the sun off the River helps to ripen the grapes. Although this vineyard is very steep and hard to work, ist wines, under the Peter Nicolay label, prove that it is well worth the trouble.

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Ürziger Goldwingert-monopoly

This tiny vineyard is exclusively owned by PETER NICOLAY and borders Prälat on the east and Würzgarten an the west. Ürziger Goldwingert is the twin of Erdener Prälat, separated from it by the border of the two villages of Ürzig and Erden.

It shares the spicy, full-bodied character of both. The wines are rare because the vineyard is minuscule, but they are well worth searching out for your wine cellar - really amazing Moselles.

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Erdener Treppchen

This is the largest of the Erden vineyards (114 acres). Ist wines rarely reach stellar heights but are excellent for everyday drinking. They have an underlying full-bodied character which makes them very enjoyable as Kabinetts when served at table.

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Ürziger Würzgarten

This is one of the most famous vineyards (142 acres) on the Moselle, well known both for ist amusing name and the spicy character of the wines (the name means „spicy garden“). It is a large vineyard of varying quality, but Peter Nicolay holdings are in a prime location, and wines up to Trockenbeerenauslese are common.

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